Come Together

You guys, Gathering Hope is going to be amazing. To see volunteers come together from all walks of life for one single cause is so awesome.

We've gotten volunteers from every denomination on the team. Our team is filled with Methodists, Lutherans, Baptists, Non-Denoms, and probably more that I'm not thinking of, coming together out of love. This. This is what I've longed for but have unfortunately not seen much of in my experience. We are all God's children. We serve the same God. We are on the same team, fighting for the same cause. How beautiful the body of Christ is, working together. 

There are women from every single walk of this journey working with us.  We have women who have never experienced a loss and women who have. We have moms who have had late term losses, and some early. There are moms who have told there stories so many times, they could tell it in their sleep, while others have held it close to their heart, without letting even some family members know their pain. We have moms who have walked with their daughters through devastation and want to do something proactive. We have women and girls who aren't moms but have love to share. We have a husbands who have walked beside their wives during their most painful times and want to stand up and help anywhere they are needed.

It's a beautiful collaboration of God's people coming together to share hope with some women in a time they could use a little extra. God is so good. 

- Carol


If you want to join the team, follow this link below.