Silas Project

We have had an awesome experience connecting with another one of our partners in pregnancy and infant loss ministries. Silas Project came onto our radar by accident.  Peyton told me about a ministry she knew of in Oklahoma.  It was called Silas Project and they provided support for families dealing with the imminent death of a child. I was intrigued by this ministry and set about finding them online. During my search, however, I stumbled upon a different Silas Project.

After watching their videos and seeing their mission, I reached out through email to the organization to tell them that I loved what they were doing. During our correspondence we realized that we were both in the DFW Metroplex.

Long story short, Silas Project co-founders Chelsea and Katie attended Gathering Hope 2017 and the connection between the four of us was obvious.  In January, Peyton and I were able to finally sit down with Laura Spindler (Founder), Katie and Chelsea to share our stories of how we had ended up in the position of running non-profits. 

Katie and her husband Daren learned in their first trimester that their son had a condition called Acrania, which carried a 100% mortality rate.  At 29 weeks, Silas was born and lived for six beautiful minutes. Through watching her sister and brother-in-law's pain and from her love for her nephew, Katie's sister Laura founded Silas Project to help families and friends learn to share their grief and support one another on the journey, knowing they didn't have to walk the path alone. 

Silas Project has four main goals. 

1) To connect families through their stories and experiences

2) To encourage and foster healthy grief, healing and growth

3) To experience the joy and pride of honoring these precious children

4) To equip friends and family to walk through these seasons with tenderness and care

They have ministered to these struggling families through sharing stories, connecting to other families and planting trees in memory/honor of these loved children. The work they do and the love put into every part of their ministry makes us feel so honored to know them personally and to work along side them as they seek to change the silence behind pregnancy and infant loss and provide a forum for families to share their grief with others who can understand their pain.