Our Team


Peyton Lauderdale


Peyton and her husband Justin were surprised when they discovered they were expecting again shortly after the birth of their second daughter, but quickly wrapped their mind and heart around the idea.  James Marcus Lauderdale was born April 6, 2014, at 41 weeks, but passed away after complications in the delivery after about 18 hours.  Shortly afterwards, Peyton felt led to give women a place to gather in grief and leave with the hope and knowledge that their children are in the hands of God.  Only 18 months after James' death, the first Gathering Hope came to fruition.  

Carol Vantine


Like Peyton, Carol and her husband Brad had two daughters and thought their family was complete.  When they discovered they were expecting a son in 2010, they were pleasantly surprised.  Only weeks after learning their baby was a boy, however, their son passed away and Matthew Lee Vantine was born still at 24 weeks on August 29.  Just days short of a year later, they welcomed another son into their family, who brought  laughter and joy back into their lives after a devastating season.  Matthew lives on in their family, often discussed and never forgotten.

These women were once strangers but are now united by a bond few can understand.  Matthew and James are changing lives, despite their short time here on Earth.  Out of these ashes, beauty will rise!

Gathering Hope Board of Directors

Peyton Lauderdale Board Chair

Peyton Lauderdale
Board Chair

Justin Lauderdale Board Treasurer

Justin Lauderdale
Board Treasurer

Amy Couser Board Member

Amy Couser
Board Member

Brad Vantine Board Member

Brad Vantine
Board Member

Carol Vantine  Board Vice Chair

Carol Vantine
Board Vice Chair

Kim Brown Board Secretary

Kim Brown
Board Secretary

Michelle Parker Board Member

Michelle Parker
Board Member

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Ashley Judd

April Mikes

Jenn Shepherd

Amy Simpson

Kathryn Vera