Gathering Hope Timeline

August 29, 2010

Matthew Lee Vantine was stillborn at 24 weeks to Brad and Carol Vantine. Carol knew that she couldn't let Matthew's memory die but didn't know how or when the rest of the story would play out.  She waited for God to show her how He would use Matthew to change her and to bring hope.  


April 6, 2014

James Marcus Lauderdale was born via emergency c-section at 41 weeks.  James lived only 18 hours, but made more of an impact on those around him in those eighteen hours than many make in a lifetime.  


June 2014

While sitting in Bible study, Peyton saw a picture flash in her mind.  As quickly as it came, it was gone but she didn't forget what she saw.  She saw women gathered together worshipping in candlelight, bittersweet tears, coming together for a unified reason.  She saw Gathering Hope and received the call to action.  It wasn't an easy journey, but surrounded by an amazing group of volunteers, her vision started becoming a reality as the planning commenced.   


October 22, 2015

Over 70 women met at St. Paul Lutheran Church in Fort Worth, TX to celebrate the lives of their babies despite torrential downpours.  Despite Peyton's fears.  Despite a complete power outage. Despite all that tried to stop it from happening, God showed up in a big way and Peyton's vision was a reality.  Women gathering together in candlelight, united by a common, bittersweet bond.  

January 1, 2017

Carol launched a blog, Matthew's Song, and started focusing on using Matthew's story to minister to others who were suffering from loss of pregnancy. This calling came after walking with a friend through a painful miscarriage and seeing the need for support and the lack of conversation that was happening despite the large numbers of women she knew who had suffered these losses.   

February 19, 2017

After discussing how her church could get more involved in helping these families with the Outreach director at her church, she told Carol about Peyton and Gathering Hope.  Early in the morning, Carol sent Peyton a message on Facebook and Peyton replied relatively quickly.  After a few days of correspondence, they agreed on a time to meet for coffee.   


February-March 2017

Instantly, Peyton and Carol clicked and knew that God was up to something.  The first day at Starbucks they both knew that Gathering Hope was going to happen, but they didn't say it out loud until the second meeting in March, at another coffee shop.  They moved forward with the October date since it is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month.  Despite Peyton's decision to have only one Gathering Hope, God had other plans.  A date was set for October 22, 2017 (ironically the same date as the last Gathering Hope) at The Summit in Aledo, TX.  


July 11, 2017 

We had our first big team meeting at Shep's place in Weatherford.  Over half of the team was able to meet.  The feeling in the air was overwhelming.  Such love was radiating off of every volunteer and it felt like we'd always known each other.  I have no doubt that moms will feel at ease quickly at Gathering Hope with such a warm group of women. We couldn't be more lucky with such an amazing group of volunteers.  

These women are amazing!

These women are amazing!

To say we feel overwhelmed by the amount of support we've received would be an understatement.

To say we feel overwhelmed by the amount of support we've received would be an understatement.

October 22, 2017

Over 130 attendees and volunteers gathered together once again to celebrate the lives of their children with other women who had walked the same path.  We are honored to be invited in to their stories and lives.  

Just SOME of the amazing volunteers that helped make GH2017 a reality!

Just SOME of the amazing volunteers that helped make GH2017 a reality!

December 2017

A Board of Directors was established and met for the first time to set the direction and mission of Gathering Hope going forward. 

March 2018

Gathering Hope becomes an official organization!

Gathering Hope becomes an official organization!

April 21, 2018

Author, Sarah Philpott, is announced as the speaker of Gathering Hope 2018 and the date released for Octobr 14, 2018 at the Summit in Aledo.


October 14, 2018

Gathering Hope takes another step forward with our third annual event, registering over 175 women. We are amazed at all God is doing in our organization and the lives of the women (and men) we’ve been blessed to meet.