What Others Have to Say About Gathering Hope 

Last night, I did a hard thing. I sat in a room full of women I’d never met and told them the story of our Baby Kate. I cried on the 90-minute drive there, hoping to spend all my tears in private and maintain my composure in public. It didn’t happen. I could barely get my words out, I was so overcome with the grief I’ve carried for 7 years - missing my darling baby girl and recounting the most hellacious year of my life in about 5 minutes of sharing.

But what was awesome about last night is that all 12 of us did this hard thing. Twelve. And how many others have been in the valley who weren’t at this meeting? How many are going through it right now, and how many don’t know it yet but are standing on the edge? Yes, it was a very hard thing to do, but we weren’t alone. Each of us had a story, each of us a sense of belonging, each of us a permanent member of this Sucky Sisterhood - a group nobody wants to join but you’re so relieved it’s there because it means you’re not alone.

If you need to feel a part of this hard but very good thing, to feel there is hope after pregnancy or infant loss, PLEASE sign up and come with me to Gathering Hope: An Evening of Love and Remembrance. Spots are filling quickly and I want - no, I NEED - you there with me. With us. Remembering, sharing and encouraging each other. Whether you were 4 weeks along or your sweet angel left after coming into this world - it doesn’t matter. Loss is loss, and last night was a testimony to the wonderful grace and empathy that abounds when women come together under one united purpose.

You will feel loved and accepted. You will be honored for your bravery. Your child will be recognized and acknowledged. You will be changed. Please come. I’d be honored to have you sit at my table.
— ❤️ Jenn L. (after Table Leader dinner)
To all you mommas out there whose babies have gone too soon, I know it’s hard and scary and painful to relive that moment and those that followed when you found out your sweet, precious baby that you wanted and prayed for and loved so much wouldn’t get to spend his days here with you. Whether you miscarried at 6 weeks or carried a full term baby or anywhere in between and regardless if it happened a month ago or years ago, your baby was your baby, and your loss was huge. THIS EVENT IS FOR YOU! I know that talking about it, especially to strangers, will be like ripping a bandaid off of a wound. It’s going to hurt, but you know what? It’s also freeing and comforting and encouraging and HEALING when you’re surrounded by other women who have also walked the path of this “sucky sisterhood.” Won’t you join me? I would be honored to have you sit at my table. Do you know someone who would benefit from going? Would you please share this with them? If you attend Gathering Hope you’ll hear a message of hope, strength and encouragement while continuing on your path of healing in Christ. Join me.
— 💜 Jill P. (table leader)
You gave us a safe place to celebrate, grieve and share. Thank you for listening to the Holy Spirit. And thank you so much to all of the wonderful volunteers! You all made us feel very special.
— ❤️ Misty
Thank you for this great evening. My hope has grown.
— 💜 Amanda
This night was amazing, beautiful and overall completely healing. Thank you so much.
— ❤️ Debbie
“AMAZING!!! Last night was beautiful. There are just no other words to describe it. Thank you again, Peyton and Carol, for your vision of this oh so very important ministry and to every volunteer that had their hand in helping make this event such the success that it was. Every broken-hearted momma’s story was heard. Her precious baby’s name was spoken aloud. Tears were shed, but hope was gained. God is so good, y’all.
The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it. - James 1:5”
— 💜 Jill
You did a beautiful job last night. From the moment I walked on to the property I could feel the sweet presence of Jesus. Been a long time since I have been a part of something where everyone was unified and ready to love people.
— ❤️ Shaunda
It was so special to be with you all tonight, and honor our children. God works through you in such amazing ways...tonight was exactly what so many of us needed. You are truly a blessing.
— 💜 Piper